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The Ayurvedic Kitchen: Ingredients and Techniques

Friday, December 17 • 5PM PST/8PM EST 120 minutes • $35 Ayurveda says we are only as healthy as our digestive system, and excellent digestion starts in the kitchen! Join Marie-Joséphine for a little kitchen chat as she introduces you to some of ayurveda’s most favored ingredients and cooking techniques. Since food is our medicine, gain confidence in soaking, rinsing, …

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Sleep Disorders & Anxiety Workshop

Evidence-Based Guide to Sleep Deprivation, Stress, and Anxiety Explore techniques for managing life altering stress Become familiar with adverse health signs and symptoms Understand the role of sleep for optimal health Learn ways to overcome debilitating sleep Become familiar with evidence-based practices for sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety disorders Understand risk factors for anxiety and much more… Workshop includes materials, …

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Helping Those Who Appear to be in Emotional Distress

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