Sleep Disorders & Anxiety Workshop

Evidence-Based Guide to Sleep Deprivation, Stress, and Anxiety

  • Explore techniques for managing life altering stress Become familiar with adverse health signs and symptoms Understand the role of sleep for optimal health
  • Learn ways to overcome debilitating sleep
  • Become familiar with evidence-based practices for sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety disorders
  • Understand risk factors for anxiety and much more…

Workshop includes materials, one meal/day, and lots of support from both workshop leaders and participants. It excludes transportation, hotel accommodations & additional meals and snacks. For more information and to enroll please contact either of the instructors below.

Meet the Organizers

Professional Registered Nurse Marie-Joséphine Royall-Schreck combines her education as an Integrative Health Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor, Archetypal Consultant, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, and nationally certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor to provide holistic evidence-based education along with lifestyle strategies for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Contact:

Silvi Winthrop is a McLean Meditation Institute certified Mindfulness and Meditation and Mindfulness@Work instructor. Silvi is also a certified fitness trainer and a California credentialed teacher. Silvi teaches in the Los Angeles area in California. Her clients are corporations, women’s groups, kids, and private clients. Silvi loves to help people better their lives by reducing their stress and healing their bodies. Please contact Silvi through her website