The Ayurvedic Kitchen Workshop

The Ayurvedic Kitchen: Ingredients and Techniques

Friday, December 17 • 5PM PST/8PM EST

120 minutes • $35

Ayurveda says we are only as healthy as our digestive system, and excellent digestion starts in the kitchen! Join Marie-Joséphine for a little kitchen chat as she introduces you to some of ayurveda’s most favored ingredients and cooking techniques. Since food is our medicine, gain confidence in soaking, rinsing, preparing and serving up wonderful meals, snacks, teas and maybe even gain some digestion-enhancing tips. Marie-Joséphine will show you the ropes, using her own kitchen and tools, and featuring her favorite ingredients. This will be a great inspiration to bring meal preparation back to your own kitchen…and maybe even an opportunity to purchase some new, cool stuff to cook with! A list of ingredients will be sent to you before this workshop in case you would like to have the foods on hand to experiment with.

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